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Catering Global Plant-Forward Soul Foods
Since 2018


About Our company

We deliver unique plant-forward dining experiences
that cater to your mind, body and soul!

Since 2018, Meraki Soul has catered events and experiences all over the globe,
from our home base in Atlanta, Georgia,
to lands far-away as Atenas, Costa Rica.


Our methodology is different.

As an eco-friendly full-service catering company, we blend today's modern food culture with ancestral global culinary practices, mending both to weave together custom food experiences that nourish both the palate and the soul.

Let us accentuate your event by providing exceptional service with flair, fun and intentional foods filled with love. 


Meet Our Chef

Juliana Renaud

Meraki Soul is the love-child of Head Chef & CEO Juliana Renaud. Chef Julie is of Haitian and European heritage, and she grew up in the back of her parents' Caribbean café in Brooklyn, New York. 

In true avant-garde fashion, Chef Julie has worked her way through some of Atlanta's best kitchens over the last 10 years, and has developed a unique set of skills and a palate that is unmatched. 


In 2018, Chef Julie decided to disrupt the local food industry by creating a catering company featuring foods and flavors from around the world that are:

  • high quality

  • seasonal

  • minimally-processed

  • farm-to-table & locally-sourced when available 

  • plant-forward (no worries, we prepare meats/seafood too!)


Chef Julie enjoys traveling domestically and internationally when she can - it's her favorite way to learn about global foods!

Chef Julie's Famous Kale Wraps
Chef Julie working at a Private Event
Chef Julie Plating for a 3 Course DInner
Chef Julie Catering an American Heart Association Event
Chef Honors Her Haitian Roots
Chef Julie Creating Food Art
Chef Julie leading an Airbnb Experience on Southern Food
Chef Julie and her Watermelon Fruit Cake
Private Chef Service

A Word on Serving global
"Plant-Forward" Soul Foods

Here at Meraki Soul, we love plants just as much as we love meats & seafood. Please note that we do not exclusively serve vegan or vegetarian global foods.


However, we do aspire to change the food narrative that vegetables are mere accompaniments to a main meat or seafood entreé.


Our goal is to reorient and expose our clients to the joys and flavors of consuming plants. We believe that plants can stand alone, and that we do not NEED animal protein to make a meal. 


This said, we still love to curate custom menus for events that accommodate all food preferences, including meats and seafood.

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